About the Water Integrity Forum

  • Water is a fundamental resource for sustainable development. Lack of water-related integrity incurs huge cost for societies, in lost lives, stalling development, wasted talent and degraded resources. Water Integrity includes, but extends beyond, control of corruption. It encompasses the integrity of water resources, as well as the integrity of people and institutions.

    To take action on promoting water integrity, more than 100 water and integrity experts from over 75 organizations across the world gathered in the the first International Water Integrity Forum in the Netherlands from 5 – 7 June 2013. The Delft Statement on Water Integrity and the Delft Action Points represent their joint findings and recommendations.

    The Delft Action Points are implemented by a growing alliance of individuals and organizations committed to promoting Water Integrity.

    Join the network to learn more about water integrity, share your own experience and solutions, and contribute to implementation of the Action Points!