Water Integrity Management Toolbox

  • Water Integrity Management Toolbox

    Tangible tools to promote integrity at service provider level

    A toolbox to initiate an Integrity Change Process

    A toolbox to initiate an Integrity Change Process

    The Water Integrity Management (IM)Toolbox is a systematic bottom-up approach to tackling integrity issues of Water Service Providers (WSPs) in Kenya. It provides a stepwise approach to improve the performance of WSPs – both the financial and operational performance. This approach aims at optimising the WSPs’ business model in a systematic management-led integrity change process which includes:

    1. Development of the WSP’s business model today
    2. Identification of integrity risks
    3. Selection of integrity instruments
    4. Development of an integrity-improved business model
    5. Elaboration of a concrete action plan
    6. Implementation of the integrity change process
    7. Monitoring and evaluation

    A tangible toolbox (in the proper sense of the meaning) has been developed to facilitate the implementation of trainings and workshops (see picture). Furthermore, an electronic version of the Water Integrity Management Toolbox has also been developed to inform those involved in the integrity change process.

    We hereby make parts of the digital version (the Excel-based toolbox and the training manual) of the toolbox available. While we want to encourage more water sector practitioners to use this toolbox, we also urge users to consider the following:

    • For use in other countries than Kenya, the integrity risks and instruments of the IM Toolbox have to be adapted and contextualised properly
    • Defining options to anchor the integrity management process in a country’s water sector framework is crucial to maximise benefits from its use
    • Training of integrity management coaches is important to assure quality during the integrity change process

    Download the toolbox, its manual and the descriptions:

    For support in this process and for further information please contact:

    This Excel-Sheet is coded with Macros, so please make sure that you allow the use of Macros. This Macro only runs on Windows. Supported versions are Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and 8 with Microsoft Office-compatibility from 2003 onwards. Please note that the print function only works with the comprehensive set of the digital IM Toolbox.

    The Integrity Management Toolbox was developed by cewas – international centre for water management services and the Water Integrity Network. This project was supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH and the Water Service Providers Association in Kenya (WASPA).