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    - How can media make access to water and sanitation safer?

    Alexandra Malmqvist (WIN-S),

    Babalobi Babatope (Nigeria WASH),

    E.Smith-Asante(Ghana Business News)

    - Water contamination is Costa Rica and lack of enforcement, as well as the legal obligation of the State to protect human right to water.

    Anna Buzzoni (WIN),

    Soledad Castro Vargas(CEDARENA)

    - Improving Transparency & Accountability in the WASH Sector.

    Peter Matthews (CoST)

    - How to organize similar events in your home country.

    David Zetland (Wageningen University)

    - How development organizations may promote integrity and how, in some cases they are part of the problem

    Alphons Klomberg (Umutamaconsult)

    - Integrity is more than financial corruption. It also includes scientific corruption through unverifiable /unverified information and positions. 

    Henk Van Schaik (WIN)

    - Tangible tools to promote integrity at the service providers level – The Water Integrity Management Toolbox.        

    Janek Hermann-Friede (WIN, GIZ, CEWAS)

    Music as tool to bring youth and elders in the anti-corruption work

    Ramesh Kumar Sharma (WIN ISC)

    - WIN Mayors’ Integrity Initiative 

    Mrs. Susanne WEBER MOSDORF, former Deputy Director General of WORLD Health Organization

    Mr.  KEBA BA, Water and Sanitation Specialist  African Development Bank

    Dr. ABIBOU CISS, Lecturer 2IE  – International Institute for Water and Environmental Engineering


    Mrs. Francoise Nicole NDOUME, (WIN)

    Dealing in practice with (lack of) transparency and corruption

    Henk Loijenga and Bert Satyn