UNESCO-IHE Water Integrity Week


    UNESCO-IHE centred the introductory week of the new Academic year on water integrity.

    Kenneth Irvine, UNESCO-IHE focal point for Water Integrity: „Following the success of the Integrity Forum held in UNESCO-IHE earlier in the year, it seemed that this topic would make a fascinating, informative and engaging topic as the theme of the Introductory week for the new MSc participants.

    In my opinion, exploring the links between the different components of the word “integrity” and how it relates to water management and sustainable development offered  a means to open important debates not only related to classic views of corruption, but also to wider  issues of the integrity of  of governance procedures and  to our view of ecosystems function through the idea of ecological integrity.

    Taking these aspects together leads to ideas of how to link the the social, economic and environmental pillars of the sustainable development. Given the pressures on the world’s water resources and the integrated nature of water systems and their  management management thoughts if  integrity providers an overarching framework that relates to all aspects of the UNESCO-IHE MSc programmes.“

    The programmme included talks by Bart Geenen (WWF Netherlands), Jan Herman-Friede (WIN), Herman Hevekes (Dutch Union of Water Boards, Kenneth Irvine (UNESCO-IHE), Jaap Evers (UNESCO-IHE), and Ellen Pfeiffer (Water Integrity Forum).