Budapest Water Summit presents recommendations

  • Budapest 2013
    The Budapest Water Summit published its final statement “A sustainable world is a water-secure world” and presented its recommendations at the UN in New York and at a event for the Special Programme on the International Year of Water Cooperation in Paris.

    The final statement highlights the central role water plays for human development and reiterates the demand for a dedicated Sustainable Development Goal in the post-2015 development agenda.

    The suggested goals reflect many issues raised by the Water Integrity Forum, emphasizing the importance of accountability, transparency, anti-corruption elements and multi-stakeholder engagement in governance frameworks, as well as the role of data. The statement highlights the need for full integration of water supply with resource management, in order to protect the integrity of vital ecosystems.

    The Budapest Summit confirms the idea that the success of future water management has to place more importance on the large-scale sustainability of solutions, and that priority must be given to fighting inequality and discrimination.