Uniting communities against corruption

  • Help raise 5,000 USD in Argentinian crowdfunding campaign

    In the neighbourhood of La Palangana, a lack of public infrastructure means that 11,000 citizens live constantly flooded by contaminated water. To stop this terrible condition we need to empower the community to unite, know their rights, and speak Up, to make their voices heard to the government.

    Poder Ciudadano, the Argentinian Transparency International chapter, has launched a crowd funding campaign to raise USD 5,000 in order to empower the community to unite against corruption in sanitation projects.

    Through the ALAC (Advocacy and Legal Advice Center) Poder Cuidadano is currently providing free help to thousands of people all over the country, supporting victims and witnesses of corruption, and encouraging a full exercise of Human Rights.

    The crowdfunding campaign will run until 28th January 2014. You can contribute now.

    Please visit the campaign website for more information or watch the video.